How to Plan a Weigh Routine Effectively

Do you want to be stronger? Are you looking for strength training and do not know where to start? The strength training goes beyond into the weight room and put on weight lifting without any planning.

For a strength training to be effective, do not cause any injuries and provide all the benefits that this type of routines provides, it must be planned consciously, with a number of days of proper training that we can perform and a selection of appropriate exercises .

How to Plan Your Own Weight Routine

Set Goals

The first thing to do before you start lifting pounds like crazy is to set yourself a long-term goal, which in turn is embodied in achievable goals over short periods of time.

Objectives must be real and achievable. We cannot dream of being Olympic champions next year if we have been for two months at the gym.

How to create a proper weight routine

Begin little by little

Plan your workouts for 3 days a week, giving breaks of at least 24 hours between sessions and increase the training days depending on the adaptation you are getting.

With 3 sessions a week of 45 minutes each you can achieve great progress and greatly reduce the risk of injury.

Perform multi-joint exercises

Multi – joint exercises have proven to be the most suitable for generating force, because they involve more muscles, unlike isolated or single joint exercises, which do not generate the same stress as that isolate muscles.

Therefore, give priority in your training to the squat, the deadlift and bench press, among other compound exercises.

How to create your own weight routines

Use the clock

The rest periods in this type of training are fundamental, since you must allow an almost complete muscle recovery to be able to make the next lifting as heavy as possible. Therefore, you must follow these rest periods in your strength training.

If you do less than 6 repetitions you should rest for 2-3 minutes.

If you perform more than 6 repetitions the rest should be about 75-90 seconds.

Record training sessions and data

Keeping a detailed record of the training sessions will allow us to see our progression and our records. In addition, it will motivate us in all training to overcome us.

Avoid doing the same training

Studies show that our body is able to adapt quickly to any type of training, so you should try not to perform the same plan for more than 6 weeks.

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  • 3 Examples of strength training
  • Strength training for 3 days

This workout works the muscles of our entire body during the 3 sessions. You must complete 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions each. You will see 2 consecutive exercises appear, that means you have to execute them in super series and take 60 seconds between each one.

Day 1

  • Dead weight + Bench press with dumbbell
  • Straddle with body weight or ballast + Military press with dumbbells sitting one-sided.
  • Press + 30-45 seconds of planks.

Day 2

  • Squat with bar + Dominated supine.
  • Remo dumbbell + femoral to leg on fit ball.
  • Lateral strides + Shrinks for the abdomen.
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Day 3

  • Front Squat bar + Rack chins
  • Dead weight to one leg + Inclined bench press with dumbbell.
  • Backward strides + 30-45 seconds of side plate.
  • Strength training for 4 days

Here, we will divide the training one day for lower train (Leg) and another day for upper train (Torso). This way when training 4 days, we will give two weekly stimuli to each muscle group, leaving two days of rest between sessions of training of the same musculature.

Complete 3 effective sets of each exercise with 10-12 repetitions, respecting the rest times of the previous routine.

Day 1: Leg

  • Straddle with dumbbell + Femoral in machine.
  • Lying Press + Cufflinks with dumbbell + 30-45 “iron”.
  • How to create our own routines with weights

Day 2: Torso

  • Chin ups.
  • Rowing with dumbbell in one hand + Bench press tilted with dumbbell.
  • Pulled chest crosses + Biceps curl with bar + Crunch for abdomen.
  • On Wednesday take it from active rest. You can dedicate to practicing the sport that you like or do cardio. On Thursday repeat the day 1 and Friday the day 2.

Strength training for 5 days

If you have a more advanced level and count with 5 days to train, divide the body into muscle groups to give a greater volume of work to each muscle group.

Complete 3 effective sets of each exercise of 10-12 repetitions each and a rest between sets of 60 seconds.

Day 1: Chest / Triceps

  • Bench press with dumbbells.
  • Inclined bench press with dumbbells + bottoms in parallel.
  • Chest crosses on pulley + triceps extension on pulley + 30-45 “iron.
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Day 2: Legs

  • Squats.
  • Dead weight to one leg + Legs with dumbbells.
  • Press + twins standing + Curl Nordic.

Day 3: Back / Biceps

  • You dominated.
  • Single dumbbell paddle + Standing birds.
  • Pulley Back Extension + Biceps Curl on Pulley + Face Pull.

Day 4: Legs

  • Dead weight.
  • Squat on one leg (pistol) + lunges with dumbbells.
  • Press + twins stand + 30-45 “iron”.

Force routine for 5 days

Day 5: Shoulder / Abdominals

  • Military press with bar of foot.
  • Military press sitting with dumbbells + dumbbell side elevations.
  • 50 meters farmer wheel weight + Power + 50 meters walk on the head waiter.
  • Conclusion
  • The routines that we propose here are basic, flexible and should serve as the basis of your training adapting them to your level of fitness.

Remember that training is only a part of the equation; you must perform a good diet and adequate rest to achieve the goals you have proposed.