Personal trainers are one of the most important figures for athletes. They are the ones who are in charge of guiding the right path and preparing the practitioners individually. In this article we present the advantages and disadvantages of having a personal trainer. Surely more than one will have wondered about the convenience or not

Before starting with your training plan, an initial evaluation is made.  The objective of which is to know your previous condition (injuries, medical history, if you have previously exercised, etc.). For this, a personal interview is conducted where you can also get to know your coach more closely and establish the basis of all your

Being successful as a personal trainer can be defined a lot of ways. I don’t define it as having a lot of client sessions; rather, I define it as training in such a way that you make yourself unnecessary, which has the paradoxical effect of causing your clients to want more of you. I also

One of the biggest challenges for personal trainers is getting clients. Most would assume that getting clients requires a lot of hard work, time and money. While the first two are almost always a given, money does not always have to be an issue. There are plenty of low-cost marketing strategies that can deliver big

If your personal training business could use a boost, it’s time to work on promotional marketing ideas that will increase your visibility and bring new clients to your door. We have some great tips that won’t break the bank, and can be used for a short time or even for the life of your business.

Did you aim to gain strength and explosiveness but are tired of the typical weightlifting routines that are done in the gym? If that’s your idea you should include in your workout routine exercises plyometric. The plyometric is a self – loading work with exercises in which speed, agility and power, most of the time

Going to the services of a personal trainer is not only convenient for celebrities and athletes. In situations where there is a lack of motivation to exercise or the training goals are very specific, hiring a professional to direct you in your activities is the best option. The price of the investment will depend on

Having a strong and well-worked torso is something that strikes us all. But how to do it using only your own body weight, only with the help of a few basic elements? Working torso with your own corpora weight l, without using machines, is one of the best practices that you can use out of

  How to train the jump in football players How to start training the jump in the race? If this is the first time you’re going to put to coach the running jump and seldom have trained specifically, it is advisable to start with this training basic level. As always, good warm-up and stretching prior

The musculature we commonly call the biceps consists of two parts or heads: long head and short head. Its main mission is to carry out the mobility of the arm, namely to produce elbow flexion. How many of us know, there is nothing more desired in the fitness world that a big, strong and well