The best tips to optimize your workouts with weights

On many occasions we hold long sessions of training of which it is possible not to obtain all the profit that we could obtain.

In this sense, the belief that the more time we spend in the gym will be better to achieve our goals is totally wrong. It is preferable to be less time, but to know how to use it well, since we must be aware that our muscles need a recovery time after undergoing intense work.

We show you some ways to get more out of the time we spend with weight training.

How to effectively training in the gym

10 Tips to optimize your weight routines

  1. Rest in a planned manner

Often we obsess us in training and training, regardless that we run the risk of falling into what is called overtraining. We must understand that even a break can provide us with more benefits than conducting training as such.

Planning a break from time to time can help us beat our own brands and regenerate the muscle damage we cause in training, helping our muscles grow and recover.

  1. Know well the gym in which you are going to train

If you travel a lot and dedicate much of your life to sport you should reserve time to inform yourself and know the benefits of the gyms in which you are going to train, thus avoiding unforeseen changes that the training you had planned.

How to take advantage of workouts with weights

  1. Avoid distractions

Distractions are great enemy in the gym. Be aware mobile or conversations with others too can lengthen the time advisable rest between sets or can even make you lose concentration, so in the end they end up hurting optimal training.

  1. Set a goal

If we are not clear about our objectives, we rarely are able to reach them. If you know what you want and how to get it, you will work on that goal and you will be less likely to deviate from the right path for that purpose. The most important thing is to clarify a goal and plan how to achieve it.

  1. Avoid times when the gym is full

We have all happened to each other. We arrived at the gym, we warmed up and wanted to start doing a series of exercises. We must plan the training schedules in times when the gym is not very full and at the same time we are comfortable to train.

How to take advantage of weight training routines

  1. Download an app to help us monitor our progress

Today there are many free apps for Smartphone that help us monitor our progress, either by monitoring the daily activity, recording marks in the uprisings, the caloric intake throughout the day or body weight over the months.

  1. Moisten well

Although it seems obvious, many people do not properly handle your hydration in training. A water loss of 2% greatly diminishes our performance, and greater losses can lead to alterations in bodily functions.

We always train with a bottle of water or sports drink, and if we cannot carry it, we shall ensure that our pre – exercise hydration is adequate.

Hydration in workouts

  1. Listening to music

Listening to music can motivate us and help us keep up. Therefore, it is convenient to spend time developing a playlist of music with which we can enjoy while we train.

  1. Practice HIIT

Training of high – intensity interval or HIIT is studying hard lately for the many benefits it brings.

Interval training combines high intensity short bursts of effort (from 10 seconds to 3 minutes) interspersed with recovery intervals. These high intensity bursts are repeated throughout the training, which can last from 20 to 30 minutes.

  1. Train with a partner

Training with someone who has the same goals as ours will help motivate us. A companion to act as spotter of our great upheavals can come to us to improve adherence to the gym.

Benefits of training with a partner


  • The gym is a perfect tool to achieve the results we have proposed, but this will only be possible if we manage to conduct the training with discipline and constancy.
  • Carrying out all these tips can get the best performance of our gym hours, and thereby achieve the results that we have proposed.