In the last 15 years the profile of the customer who consumes the service of a personal trainer has changed. To this day, many people have assumed the need to lead a healthy life that requires a good diet, but also a daily exercise. The figure of the personal trainer guarantees optimum results in a faster, safer and more efficient way adapted to each person. This allows many to prefer to bet on the cost of a personal trainer to ensure the desired results. We seek to feel good and take care of our health.

The key to personal training is in the process of individualization. In recent years the world of fitness and wellness will increasingly directed towards exercise adapted to a particular person; thus, it is not the same to a targeted class (body pump, spinning, etc.) or a routine in the room fitness, a session planned by a personal trainer. A good personal trainer adapts the type of exercise to the goals (losing weight, gaining muscle mass, eliminating back problems, etc.) and characteristics of the person (age, physical condition, posture, etc.). This is possible with a suitable modification of the multiple variables of each exercise: rest time, load, planning, type of exercise, feeding, etc. This will achieve the greatest result in the shortest possible time.

In order to carry out the routines and exercise plans each person, the personal trainer carries out an initial assessment that is carried out on the first day to each client, thus taking into account the physical characteristics of the client and being able to plan the exercise a posteriori . Apart from the technical side, the personal trainer must have a high empathetic and motivational ability to achieve improvements with your client, because the mind and the will are the most powerful human being a good coach should know how to manage weapons.

At this point we ask ourselves: if everybody is doing well to have a personal trainer, why does not everybody have it?

The reality of each person is different, but there is an aspect that throughout my years of experience I have been able to validate. In many cases, it is a cultural aspect that prevails in our society when conceiving personal training as a luxury and not as a necessity. An example: if we want our car to work properly, we take it from time to time to review, and when something goes wrong we take the mechanic right away. Obviously, we pay for it. How much? Surely much less than for a monthly average monthly personal training. If we do it with the car, why not do it for our health?

Your health is important, and therefore it is essential to care; But our discomfort with ourselves can lead to discomfort in other aspects (at work, family, friends, etc.) preventing us from giving 100% of ourselves. The personal trainer figure can help us overcome those situations as we feel good about ourselves again. You just have to consult and together find the situation that best suits you and that makes you feel good. The online personal trainer, as in my case, lets you design a routine tailored to your needs without a classroom trainer. Obviously, the quality of the service is inferior, because it is always much better to have a personal trainer face-to-face, but it is much better than a normal routine or a directed activity.

The concept of the personal trainer is changing and must continue to do so, because in these times mistakes are taken priorities, leaving aside such important aspects as happiness and personal satisfaction, making excuses such as lack of time and money.