How a personal trainer works

Before starting with your training plan, an initial evaluation is made. 

The objective of which is to know your previous condition (injuries, medical history, if you have previously exercised, etc.).

For this, a personal interview is conducted where you can also get to know your coach more closely and establish the basis of all your training.

In addition to this, a whole series of physical tests are performed. These are composed on the one hand of an anthropometric, cineanthropometric study and a body composition test, as well as a fitness assessment to know, for example, your strength or resistance.

The second step is to mark the objectives you want to achieve

With all this information we can trace your objectives in a clearer and more informed way in your initial state. Exactly so that we have clear realistic goals and we can also avoid injuries or over-efforts.

Make a personalized plan

From here, your coach will be responsible for making a personalized plan. You will do so by designing and planning your workouts and providing nutritional guidelines that complement your training, reinforce healthy lifestyle habits and bring you closer to your goals.

Start with training sessions

From here we will move on to the implementation of this plan with the training sessions. And very important, the monitoring of your evolution, sensations and above all your motivation. Working with a personal trainer will help you track your progress, make adjustments to improve your training plan and readjust the entire process to optimize your results, achieving your goals.

To measure these results, we will take into account values ​​such as your percentage of fat and body mass. Also the recovery of the heart rate after an effort, your physical form, etc. So that your coach can adjust the following sessions in intensity, frequency, etc.

Keep track of achievements made

We will also review your progress at the nutritional level and the progress you make in establishing healthy lifestyle habits.

Establish a good foundation with your personal trainer, follow a training plan adapted to your needs and keep track of your progress, is the best way to approach success and achieve your goals.