The best arm routine with body weight

As many people know, whether from experience or reference, one of the most difficult areas of toning is precisely that of the upper limbs. Those annoying clusters of fat that form next to our armpits represent one of the greatest challenges for anyone heading to a perfectly toned body, and even more so considering how easy it is to see them reappear at the slightest neglect.

Does that mean that those arms that we want are nothing more than a distant dream? Certainly not. But you have to know how to reach the goals. When training the arms there are plenty of options: weightlifting, CrossFit, etc. Most of the time, we usually get the idea that the most effective option is to load kilos of iron on our arms until we see them become what we want. However, there is something we must keep in mind: nature knows how to put everything in its place.

How to train arms without going to the gym

How to get strong and toned arms?

If others can have great arms, so can we. What we must do is to learn to take advantage of everything we have at our disposal to achieve it. The funny thing is that “within reach” is much closer than you’d imagined.

A professional trainer from New York City, has worked for years in the physical health care industry. Thanks to its extensive experience, recommends that, beyond raising kilos of iron, what we do is use the weight of your own body to train. Taking into account that premise, he designed a quick routine five exercises you can do in just 15 minutes to get the arms you want.

The good news, fortunately, does not end there. If there’s something Theodore knows how to do, take advantage of time. For this reason, it always seeks to include in its training plans multifunctional exercises that allow working not only the arms, but the lower and upper body.

It is not necessary to mention the advantages of this recommendation, as the results speak for themselves: excellent definition, greater flexibility and a surprising increase in muscle mass indexes.

The following exercises with body weight will allow you to achieve strong arms without going to the gym.

Routine of arms without equipment

Routine arm with body weight

  1. Closed grip push-ups

Also known as triceps pushups, this movement, in addition to the triceps, focuses on the shoulders, chest and torso. Not only is it about going up and down like an elevator, but it is very important to carry it out in the right way to make the most of its potential.

Be sure to push your shoulder blades back and keep your shoulders close to your body.

Do you want to make this exercise a little more challenging? Add a little incline, placing your hands in a box or a bench.

  1. Remo of the renegade

Have you ever wanted to pretend to be GI Joe? Feel a whole machine of power carrying out this complex movement.

From an upright position, keep your shoulders as straight as possible and allow your elbow to rub against the rib cavity while moving toward the ceiling.

To accomplish it more efficiently, Theodore recommends that the hips are not balanced. Make sure you also keep your feet wide enough and your buttocks tight. Once you master it, try adding dumbbells to increase stamina.

  1. Y’s and T’s face down

Leaving your poor ass again off the list of beneficiaries of your regular routine? If you have a tendency to discriminate against the gluteal area, you definitely need to make this move.

The secret is quite simple:  keep your tight buttocks; your hip bones and your feet should be firmly attached to the floor.

The goal is to raise more from the arms from the chest, but also involve back in motion. Also, while all that happens; be sure not to put too much pressure on your neck.

Although you can improve it with very light weights, do not be surprised if you want to make this move using just the weight of your body after a few repetitions.

  1. Triceps side press lying down

You do not have to use machines to get the arms you want. This variant lying lateral flexion will tone the triceps, biceps and oblique in a single movement, without equipment.

To run it, be sure to press firmly against the floor by compressing the triceps and torso when you climb back up. Coordinating your breathing with the movement will be of great help as well; Exhale as you pushes your body to the floor and inhale as you return to your starting position.

  1. Turkish uprising

If this last movement does not make you feel incredibly strong, it may not do anything.

To do it:

  • Hold a book, weigh one or use the weight of your own arm (the recommended option for beginners).
  • To get the most out of this last exercise, make sure you reach the heel of your bent leg instead of reaching your toes, and keep an eye on your outstretched hand or weight to maintain the correct shoulder position.