The definitive torso body weight routine

Having a strong and well-worked torso is something that strikes us all. But how to do it using only your own body weight, only with the help of a few basic elements?

Working torso with your own corpora weight l, without using machines, is one of the best practices that you can use out of your gym, and the results are the same or even higher, because these exercises will achieve a marked improvement upper body .

  • We propose a simple and very effective routine that combines a total of six exercises.
  • The best torso routine to do with your own weight
  • The best body weight torso routine
  1. Inverted rowing
  • To run it, we will place the arms over our shoulders, and extend our biceps so our torso to the surface on which we cling.
  • With this exercise you will work the muscles of the back, biceps and shoulders. You can do it in a office or in any bar while you can work safely. If you consider that you can increase the intensity of the exercise as you complete the series, you can try doing it with only one hand.

The best body weight torso routine

  1. Roll crunches or ab wheel

With this exercise you will mainly work the muscles that make up the rectus abdominis. They are those who control and develop the mechanics of the same, since it is necessary to use them to stay stable during the movement.

This exercise mainly involves supporting core and is performed on a mat knee and sliding the trunk forward while you hold the roller or ab wheel. If you have the feeling that the intensity is very low you can try to perform them until you get to stand.

Abdominal roller

  1. Diamond bending

This exercise is performed as conventional push-ups, but placing our hands in a diamond-like manner, closing our elbows and producing external rotation of the humerus.

Thanks to him, you will work the muscles of the triceps, the pectorals and the anterior portion of the deltoid.

The best exercises with body weight for a torso routine

  1. Supine dominated

To do this, do the following:

  • Place the palms of your hands toward you.
  • Place your arms at the level of your shoulders.
  • Lift them in a supine position above your head so that you grab the bar and later, as you flex your arms, you move your body towards the bar.
  • This exercise focuses primarily on working the biceps, shoulders and back.

How to do the supine dominoes

  1. Side plates

The objective with this exercise is to work our rectus abdomens concentrating mainly on our obliques.

  • To do this, we will work both sides and try to prevent our waist from touching the ground, while leaning only on our forearms and our feet.
  • The best body weight torso routine
  1. Declining push-ups
  • From this type of push-ups we will do three sets. To do this, we will place an area of ​​at least 30 centimeters below our feet and, with the arms at the level of our shoulders; we will do eight repetitions, forcing the external rotation of the shoulder.
  • This exercise will have a special effect on the anterior portion of the deltoid, the clavicular portion of the pectoralis and on the triceps.
  • The best torso exercises with body weight


  • In total, this routine torso body weight to consist of 18 series. It is strengthening, or in any case, keep fit our upper body without going to the gym.
  • The interesting thing is that it can be done in the time that is necessary. In fact, one way to certify our progress is to reduce completion time.  Personally, I do not recommend doing it more than three times a week.