Advantages and disadvantages of having a personal trainer

Personal trainers are one of the most important figures for athletes. They are the ones who are in charge of guiding the right path and preparing the practitioners individually. In this article we present the advantages and disadvantages of having a personal trainer. Surely more than one will have wondered about the convenience or not of having a monitor to improve their performance. We will try to get you out of doubt.

Advantages of the personal trainer

Possibly the sessions you do with a professional will be more beneficial, especially because you can orient yourself in the right way with the most appropriate exercises and methods. This figure will be responsible for analyzing and structuring the routine to achieve greater performance.

You have enough knowledge to prepare a training plan based on your physical condition. It will be in charge of evaluating the progress made.

It will give you greater security: especially in the case of beginners, the personal trainer will be of great help in the beginning. It is important that you teach the most appropriate methods and techniques to exercise safely. It is very important especially in the work of force, where we do not always choose the right load according to our state.

It will provide motivation: the results in the world of sport are always achieved in the medium-long term. There are many people who end up abandoning because they do not appreciate the results, but the coach will serve you as motivation during the downturn and will help you to continue along the right lines. Thanks to him you will be able to complete all the exercises and you will reach your goals much earlier.

Individualized planning: all the tips and trainings of the personal trainer can be applied to many people, but you will have the opportunity to have a completely individual program, which will adapt to your needs.


The disadvantages presented by personal trainers are minimal. However, there may be some compelling reason to back you up.

It is a high price: hiring the services of a coach is not available to everyone and even less at the moment. It will cost you some money and you should assess if it really is worth your advice.

Beware of intrusion: in the world of gyms and physical activity there is also intrusiveness. You may find many people posing as coaches when they do not have enough training or qualifications to carry out this task. They simply take advantage of their experience to give advice without any basis. When you hire a technician try to be of quality and to guarantee a series of results.

There are many people who only play sports when they feel like it and do not need anyone. They tend to be people who struggle to maintain a regularity and when they exercise they prefer to do it on their own, without depending on anyone. If you are among those who choose to exercise their rhythm or sensations, the figure of the monitor will be of little use.