The best exercises to improve your career jump


  • How to train the jump in football players

How to start training the jump in the race?

If this is the first time you’re going to put to coach the running jump and seldom have trained specifically, it is advisable to start with this training basic level.

As always, good warm-up and stretching prior to training will help and prevent injury. It is important to start slowly to avoid the discomfort that could lead to an injury.

  • Exercises to train the jump in the race

We list the five best exercises to train the running jump. Some of these are not exercises in it, but sequences of moves that will help us strengthen the lower body and gain agility and movement in the upper body, all tailored to jump in the race.

Strong lateral jumping with obstacle overtaking and raising hands. No rebound and semi-squat

Race + jump to one leg with obstacle, raising the knee of the leg that does not jump and hands up.

Double or triple lateral stride + jump with obstacle and hands up. Repeat to both sides.

Trot + front obstacle jump to feet together and hands up.

Obstacle jump with one leg + leg change and obstacle jump + obstacle jump with both legs and hands up.

  • Why raise your hands while training the jumps in the race?

As you can see, in all exercises I raise my hands in the jump, this is for 2 reasons:

Climbing your arms tightly and coordinately at the time of jumping, you increase the jump and balance the body.

These exercises, as I have mentioned are valid for many sports, among them volleyball, basketball, handball, and many others. In these cases, do the exercises raising your hands will help a lot to improve your jump. In other sports such as football or athletics, however, it is not necessary to imitate volleyball block or raise hands in each exercise.

  • How to introduce jump-in exercises into your routine?

These exercises can be included in your routine for repetitions or for time, although what is really important is that you know how to adapt them to your goals in the right way, since each of us works in a way.

By repetitions: it would be appropriate to try these exercises and set a workout based on your current physical condition. Try to always do more than 5 reps with each leg in each set.

For times: if you have never done this type of exercises, start doing between sets interspersed, between 20 seconds and 1 minute.


  • Thanks to these exercises and our advice can train effectively your running jump. The fun of training is to make it dynamic and mix the series and exercises, completing a training that oscillates between 15 and 45 minutes. Of course, do not forget to stretch when finished.