The definitive training to grow your biceps

The musculature we commonly call the biceps consists of two parts or heads: long head and short head. Its main mission is to carry out the mobility of the arm, namely to produce elbow flexion.

How many of us know, there is nothing more desired in the fitness world that a big, strong and well – defined arms. Everyone is worried about the look of their arms and look for an increase in volume at all costs.

To achieve better biceps we usually use various techniques such as isolation train one day a week.

Find out which methods are most effective to grow your biceps definitely.

The best arm training

3 Tips to Boost Your Biceps

  1. Train them in isolation

It is true that the increase in the arm suffice to perform compound exercises like chin -ups , bench press or deadlift, but if we want to increase the development of the muscles much faster and more effectively, it is necessary to give a specific stimulus. In addition, adding more strength and resistance to biceps exercises will result in an improvement in compound exercises.

Biceps training

  1. Work them just like other muscles.

Many times you fall into the mistake of thinking that the biceps you have to work at high repetitions and light weight. That’s why in gyms we see users doing endless sets of biceps with ridiculous weights, believing in this way to be doing the correct training.

The truth is that you work the biceps just as other muscle. It is advisable to include both heavy series and lighter series. In the variation is the success.

How to get a strong biceps

  1. Train the biceps several times a week

It is believed that training the biceps one day a week in isolation is sufficient for the development of the muscles. Many who advocate this position rely on rest and time needed for muscle recovery. This is true but can undergo several nuances.

Rest is necessary, but above all it is for larger muscles that have been worked with more demanding exercises and with a much higher weights.

Biceps muscle itself is having easy recovery, so can be trained in a more continuous manner, because the weights with which usually work are not enough to let exhausted.

With this I do not want to say that you work your biceps every day, since it is a musculature that is always present in the pull exercises, but if you schedule a more continuous workout that in turn allows you enough recovery.

The best exercises to grow the biceps

What exercises make your biceps grow longer?

  1. Bar curl

It is one of the most important exercises to work the arm muscles. To run it:

  • Stand with your legs stretched and hip width and hold a bar with the palm of your hands up.
  • Keeping your back straight and concentrating the effort on the musculature of the arms, perform an elbow flexion to raise the bar to the level of the shoulders.
  • Hold down to return to the starting point.
  1. Z-bar biceps curl

This exercise is similar to the previous one. The difference is the grip, much more comfortable and with the option to change it and hold the bar more closely. In this way we will be working the two portions of the biceps.

The execution is the same as the one we have explained in the previous exercise.

  1. Alternate curl with dumbbell

With this exercise we will concentrate one more the specific work of the biceps of each arm.

Standing with your legs stretched at hip width, holding a dumbbell in each hand with the palm of the hand up. You then flex the elbow to bring the dumbbell toward the shoulder.

After that lower to the initial position and performs the same execution alternately with one arm and the other.

  1. Hammer curl

By working with this exercise we will change the focus of the involved muscles and we will also work the musculature of the forearm. To do this, do the following:

  • Stand with legs bent at hip width. Holding two dumbbells with the position of the wrists neutral.
  • Raise the two dumbbells until you find the point where the forearm and elbow stay 90º.
  • Controls the descent and resumes the movement.
  1. Supine dominated

This is a very demanding compound exercise where most of the muscles of our body participate. To run it:

  • Position yourself hanging from a dominated bar with your hands supine.
  • Pull your body up until the chin reaches the height of the bar.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat.
  • Biceps training


  • If you want to get a bigger size of your arms try using this routine for 4 weeks. It is a basic routine that should serve as the main structure to complete based on your training and goal.
  • Remember not to focus your training exclusively on the proposed routine because it is more suitable to intercalate it from time to time during your training routines.