Stone Massage

Stone Massage: an alternative for health and beauty

Stone therapy or geothermal therapy is one of the alternatives for health and beauty in the most sought SPAS or centers world’s most prestigious beauty. This therapy was inspired by the Eastern discipline whereby the body’s channels through which vital energy or prana flows, considering seven chakras or energy vortexes located along the central channel of the body that correspond to different organs and systems body.

Massages with stones, whether hot or cold, is not new. Both Eastern culture like the American Indians used many years ago and stone massage to relax, stimulate circulation, relieve ailments, heal disease, and so on.

How is therapy accomplished?

They are mainly used obsidianstones, which have the property of preserving the heat for long. The stones can be used in twoways: statically, where is exercised, with stones, pressure on various energy points on the body, trying to stimulate and regulate the flow energy. The other way to implement dynamically stones, through which massage maneuvers are performed with well-studied rocks.

During the static massage, the recipient has to lie face down on a table, preferably with backless.

The stones, either hot or cold, will putting up the skin along various energy points of the body, usually beginning with the spine, trying to locate the stones up to the seven chakras related. Then more stones can be placed on other specific points such as on the palms of the hands or the back of the knee joints. After the stones have been placed, one proceeds to the opening and closing of the energy connection of the upper and lower limbs. The heat concentration on the chakras helps regulate the energy flow in the body. The session lasts about 90 minutes.

What does the temperature of the stones?

Hot and cold stones are applied for different purposes.

HOT STONE: hot stones are heated to about 50 °, temperature has the following benefits in the body:

  • Relaxes muscles
  • Increases blood flow, essential for good cellular nutrition and oxygenation of all body systems and organs.
  • Increase cellular metabolism.

STONES COLD: cold stones, moreover, is applied at a temperature of about 8 °, which originates in the body following beneficial:

  • A vessel construction, histamine acting on the pain and inflammation processes.
  • Tone the body

Applying stones either hot or cold in the body do not make any, special stones for each area of the body to the spine, hands, knees, head, feet, neck, etc.. If the benefits of the stones we combine the experience of massage, which can get to use the stones with true mastery, then we can emphasize the great benefits of therapy with stones.

Benefits of therapy with Stones

  • True relaxation and wellness is experienced.
  • Contributes to hardening of the tissues.
  • Detoxifies the body.
  • Helps fight back aches and neck.
  • Helps cure ailments.
  • Provides instant relief to stress.
  • Help to combat mental and physical fatigue.
  • Helps reduce muscle contractions and inflammation.
  • Helps drain the lactic and carbonic acid.
  • Enable it bloodstream.
  • Therapy induces deep meditation.
  • The organs and body systems are invigorated and balance your energy
  • Helps reduce headaches, stress, and feelings of discomfort.
  • They help to heal different conditions due to the balance and the proper flow of vital energy in the body.
  • Helps skin to look better.
  • It is said that this therapy helps develop greater spiritual depth.

Who can take this therapy?

This therapy can take it virtually everyone, especially suitable for people who relax or for those who feel constant pressure or get sick often very beneficial to athletes or people that enhance high performance physical labor.

Many of the stones used by therapists obtained from the rivers, forests, making a very intuitive selection of stones that best serve their therapy. Sometimes therapists combine their session with aromatherapy or music therapy.