Going to the services of a personal trainer is not only convenient for celebrities and athletes. In situations where there is a lack of motivation to exercise or the training goals are very specific, hiring a professional to direct you in your activities is the best option. The price of the investment will depend on

Having a strong and well-worked torso is something that strikes us all. But how to do it using only your own body weight, only with the help of a few basic elements? Working torso with your own corpora weight l, without using machines, is one of the best practices that you can use out of

  How to train the jump in football players How to start training the jump in the race? If this is the first time you’re going to put to coach the running jump and seldom have trained specifically, it is advisable to start with this training basic level. As always, good warm-up and stretching prior

The musculature we commonly call the biceps consists of two parts or heads: long head and short head. Its main mission is to carry out the mobility of the arm, namely to produce elbow flexion. How many of us know, there is nothing more desired in the fitness world that a big, strong and well

On many occasions we hold long sessions of training of which it is possible not to obtain all the profit that we could obtain. In this sense, the belief that the more time we spend in the gym will be better to achieve our goals is totally wrong. It is preferable to be less time,

Do you have little time to stay in shape? Do not have enough time to move to a gym? Starting today, that’s no problem for you to stay in shape. Many of you attribute the lack of exercise to not having time to go to the gym, but what would you tell me if I

As many people know, whether from experience or reference, one of the most difficult areas of toning is precisely that of the upper limbs. Those annoying clusters of fat that form next to our armpits represent one of the greatest challenges for anyone heading to a perfectly toned body, and even more so considering how

In the last 15 years the profile of the customer who consumes the service of a personal trainer has changed. To this day, many people have assumed the need to lead a healthy life that requires a good diet, but also a daily exercise. The figure of the personal trainer guarantees optimum results in a

It is very likely that if you were to ask that you choose to burn fat , cardio or weights, would opt for the first option , i.e. the cardiovascular exercise . However, the answer is not as simple as it seems and today we clarify the reasons. Cardiovascular exercise to burn fat right away

Users go crazy looking for bodybuilding routines of great bodybuilders or celebrities of which they admire their bodies. What it is often unaware that this is a mistake, because there is no perfect training to serve everyone. Each individual is different, so when it comes to training each will react differently to the training routines.