Users go crazy looking for bodybuilding routines of great bodybuilders or celebrities of which they admire their bodies. What it is often unaware that this is a mistake, because there is no perfect training to serve everyone. Each individual is different, so when it comes to training each will react differently to the training routines.

After the return of the holidays most of us resume their workouts. After one or several weeks without exercise and being very relaxed it is necessary that we go to train with a suitable predisposition to avoid problems. Tips to start anew with workouts after the holidays We must bear in mind that not having

Whenever we climb, practice tennis, lift weights or perform any similar activity, we put our shoulders under pressure and wear, whose consequences we see sooner or later. The rotator cuff, a muscle group in the shoulder, is one of the most affected areas: every year thousands of people go to the doctor for pain or

From time to time I get a question on this subject. Young people who want to be coaches and ask themselves if it’s a good idea, or what steps they should take. Being a personal trainer has some advantages and many drawbacks. The most important drawback I see, whether you work for yourself or if

With the arrival of good weather, you want to do more sport than ever before, but do not forget to take care of your hydration. Before, during and after training or competition you should know how to hydrate yourself. Hydration, in summer and always Summer has arrived and more than one will want to take

Do you want to be stronger? Are you looking for strength training and do not know where to start? The strength training goes beyond into the weight room and put on weight lifting without any planning. For a strength training to be effective, do not cause any injuries and provide all the benefits that this

The full-body or full body routines are a type of routines that work the muscle groups with a higher frequency than the Weider routines or divided. Therefore, they are the best alternatives if we want to increase our muscle mass or improve our personal brands in stages of gain of strength. The advantage of the