What are the keys to a perfect training program

Users go crazy looking for bodybuilding routines of great bodybuilders or celebrities of which they admire their bodies. What it is often unaware that this is a mistake, because there is no perfect training to serve everyone. Each individual is different, so when it comes to training each will react differently to the training routines.

However, if it is true that following the guidelines set by science, there are numerous principles of training that are effective. Find out what they are and how to plan the perfect workout for you.

How to program the perfect workout

6 Keys to programming the perfect workout for you

  1. Set realistic goals

Before performing any workout routine you should set real objectives that you want to get. These should be broken down into small parts that will guide and motivate you to get them.

Scoring goals is a guideline that should be performed by any user who practices some physical activity, since without them the work is done blindly without following any pattern. Whether you are new or advanced, you must have a goal set in your mind.

If you are starting in this fitness , upon entering the gym ask your monitor advise you and help you find tangible goals so that in this way you keep motivated / a at all times.

Remember that you must be realistic; if you have a week training you cannot propose to be Olympic champion, since it would not be a real goal.

How to plan your own training

  1. Perform a good warm-up

When we talk about warming we refer to the exercises that are performed prior to the training session. The warm up is your ally to prepare the body to a hard training session, because thanks to it will increase the body temperature of the musculature allowing the prevention of injuries and extending the range of movement of the joints.

The heating must be divided into two phases: general heating and specific heating.

2.1 General warming

It is about performing exercises without focusing on any particular musculature. These exercises are responsible for increasing the pulsations and making us warm. A good choice would be aerobic exercise like running on tape or elliptical for about five or seven minutes, you can even spend 10 minutes if you need to.

How to create your own training

2.2 Specific heating

Here we are going to focus the exercises in the musculature that we are going to work later. That is to say, if you are going to perform a work of strength in bench press as a first exercise, you should focus on performing joint mobility exercises of elbows, shoulder and specific exercises for the pectoral as push-ups.

  1. Respect the principles of training

The training principles are a set of guidelines that are marked by scientific studies that help us build our training plan. When building a workout routine is done based on these principles. Some of the most important are the following:

3.1 Individuality

All individuals are deferential by nature, so one training cannot give the same results worldwide. Therefore it is a mistake to look for training routines of great bodybuilders for us, since these routines do not follow the principle of individuality.

These routines are for that athlete, for a certain time and according to their mesocycles training, diets and rest; ultimately depending on their purpose at that time.

Therefore, you should ask the gym monitor to help you plan the training according to your characteristics. Forget training with a partner without previously having studied and adapted the training routine to your characteristics and preferences.

How to create the perfect workout

3.2 Overload

In order to obtain different results you cannot work with the same carcass, you must increase the load progressively to provide a work stress to the body that does not get accustomed.

3.3 Progression

The training should be intensified as time passes, as the body is able to adapt to the stress that provides the same training over time. When we speak of progression we are referring to the changes of frequency, difficulty of the exercises, load used, et cetera.

3.4 Variation

The workouts must be varied in time, since if you always do the same, you will not observe any changes.

Select different ranges of motion; change the number of sets and repetitions, relocates training days to work the muscles different days of the week…

How to plan the perfect workout

  1. Perform a calm return to the training you have performed

The cool -down is a key training time that most people who perform some kind of sporting activity often forget.

In the main part of the training the body raises the pulsations, increases blood flow and pressure. That is why a good return to calm will help us to establish normal values. Therefore, the return to calm is the best way to prevent post-workout injury since this practice will contribute to our body back to the initial state in a controlled and progressive manner.

Some of the best tips at the end of the training sessions are:

4.1 Stretching

It’s a good way to cool down and relax her muscles, although you must be careful not to stretch immediately after intense workouts, as some studies show the risk of muscle damage after stretching in intense training sessions.

Basic principles of a perfect workout

4.2 Hydration

During the exercise sessions there is a change in body temperature that is regulated by the body through sweating, which allows the regulation of body temperature through the segregation of sweat.

This sweating causes the internal water levels to fall so they need to be replaced before, during and at the end of training to avoid dehydration. The hydration after training sessions prevent muscle soreness and possible cramps.

4.3 Post training meal

A good intake of protein and carbohydrates will help us recover the glycogen and nutrients that have been lost during the training. From here we recommend that after the training you make a meal composed of protein and carbohydrates.

Keys for perfect training

  1. Set a fixed workout schedule

One of the most common reasons for missing your training appointment is the disorganization and non-planning of training hours.

Many of the users who come to the weight rooms do not schedule the training and leave them at random, adapting them to their pace of life and the moments where they most strongly feel. This makes a few days of training in the morning and the next day when the gym closes.

This, in addition to not providing an adequate recovery to our body, makes many of the days we end up not going to the gym, since the training time we are postponing according to the plans that are coming.

A good choice for not skip any day of training is plan weekly schedules. This will make us keep in mind the training and plan to respect the time we have chosen, giving priority to the rest of the situations of our day to day.

Another benefit of always choosing the same training time is that we will always leave at least 24 hours of rest, so that every day we can work at the same intensity.

Guide for perfect training

  1. Have patience

You must keep in mind that there is no perfect training, so you should not despair in the attempt to achieve your goal. Training is a trial-error, we must try, being aware that it is a long way and if we do not have patience we will end up abandoning in our struggle to be healthier.


Forget the idea of ​​finding the perfect training that will serve as an ally to achieve a specific goal. There is no such training.