Workouts after the holidays

After the return of the holidays most of us resume their workouts. After one or several weeks without exercise and being very relaxed it is necessary that we go to train with a suitable predisposition to avoid problems.

Tips to start anew with workouts after the holidays

We must bear in mind that not having performed any type of activity on vacation is important to know that our muscles are very relaxed and we need to re-stimulate them and prepare them for exercise and effort. A good way to start is doing long and intensive sessions of stretching and warming . This phase is the most important when it comes to training, as it will prepare the muscles for the subsequent exercise. Stretching and warm-up will activate our circulation and prepare the fibers for the effort that exercise will entail.

Here are a few tips to get you started on the after workouts:

  • Come back little by little

The most common advice to return to the workouts is to put the body to the point, and for that the haste are never good companions. It is necessary to return the exercise is slow and relaxed , making the muscles become gradually acclimating back to the routine of workouts. This acclimatization will get us to avoid some scares such as muscle overload that can lead to tendinitis, contractures or muscle injuries.

  • Take care of the weight of the loads (for those who return to the gym)

When it comes to resuming workout routines it is essential to control weight loads, and it is that we can go hand in hand and we can do much damage without realizing it. For this, it is necessary that at least the first two weeks, we are able to acclimate to the exercise and the routines by controlled exercises with soft loads that simply serve us to get ready and to re-condition the muscles to give the step to the use of loads greater.

  • Follow the same line as when we left

Start training again with the routine with which we went is a good alternative. It is not advisable to start with new exercises that we do not know, since not being one hundred percent we can run the risk of injuring ourselves. It is important and advisable to keep this routine for about a month to change it and introduce new exercises.

  • Combine different exercises

Another alternative to get started is to do so through a combination of exercises that touch every part of the body and every muscle group in the same training session, and thus not force any of them, but simply to condition them to deal with a workout much more Complete past the two-week period we recommend to catch up in the training room.

  • Stretch, stretch and re-stretch

It is very important, and we must not forget to keep muscles stress free, and it stretches are important, especially when you have not trained. That is why it is necessary that we dedicate enough time to carry them out.

As always advise is important that the exercise routines should always be accompanied by good food, that is the basis for optimal physical condition, of course, we suggest that training after the return of the holidays are led by a personal trainer qualified since it will make that such adjustment of our body is in the best possible way.